What Makes Osprey Different?


Osprey is not your typical software company.

We do whatever it takes to make your project a success.

When you become an Osprey client, your mission becomes our mission—something which doesn’t just work well for you, it works well for us. That’s because we strive to build long-term relationships, and consistently offer our clients practical affordable rates, and the greatest of flexibility. We’re always ready to adjust our staffing levels to suit your project—and your budget’s—needs, bringing on additional personnel to solve the toughest problems and build the best solutions.

We deploy proven components to jump-start your project.

Over the years, Osprey has built a toolbox of customizable software infrastructure components which will speed up the development process for your next project, and get you to the finish line faster. Our components provide basic business objects and user management and security, as well as workflow management and a powerful reporting infrastructure—tested and refined over the life cycle of many projects—so it’s not only reliable and effective, but highly-flexible and powerful.

We offer peace of mind and great results every step of the way.

We’ve got a proven method for redesigning systems with zero downtime on switch-over, altogether bypassing the risks associated with “Big Bang” transitions—where a system is abruptly turned off and a new system launched, often with complicated results. Osprey’s unique AgileSync technology enables a safe, gradual hand-off of business processes and data from our client’s legacy system to the new system, effectively changing out the engine, while the car is still in motion.

We not only expect challenges, but meet them head on.

Osprey was built by, and continues to grow, at the hands of a team of passionate engineers who care deeply about elegant design and quality implementation. At our core, we’re problem-solvers, consistently drawing upon our deep experience with designing, building and deploying complex software systems to make the next project an even bigger success. Our “whatever it takes” attitude means we put our client needs first—100% of the time. To us, challenges are to be expected. So we meet them head on.

We provide confidence, control and accountability…

Before your project even gets underway. We take the time to understand your business needs in depth, then design a flexible software architecture which can support those needs, while also taking advantage of your feedback to fine-tune every design along the way. Our three-pronged approach combines detailed business analysis and careful upfront design with iterative Agile development processes, to ensure that we can keep the project open and accessible to necessary course corrections.

We have a “100% referenceable” client base.

At Osprey, our track record of success is one-of-a-kind. That’s because 100% of our clients are referenceable—meaning they love our end-products, and are happy to say so. The large-scale complex systems built by Osprey are hard at work managing billions of dollars and handling millions of transactions—not to mention serving the needs of thousands upon thousands of users.

Just ask our clients—They know what we can do.