Image result for AFT logo fintechOsprey Software is excited to announce its new role as a member of the Association for Financial Technology, an organization focused on supporting companies that serve U.S. financial institutions, through the provision of networking, discussion and professional development opportunities. By bringing together top innovators from across the country for two annual summits, AFT members don’t just stay current on industry trends—they help determine them.

Osprey Software CEO Chris Cazer, said he’s thrilled to join the ranks at AFT: “We’re ready to get in on the discussion, and further explore what’s going on right now within the broader FinTech community, and what we can expect in the future.”

“AFT’s upcoming Fall Summit will be a great opportunity for Osprey Software to highlight its position in this field,” Cazer said. “We look forward to establishing solid relationships with our industry colleagues and counterparts, something that has long been important to us.”

In addition to encouraging discussion related to industry-specific issues, concerns and hot-topics, AFT fosters a community where best practices can be shared and explored.

The annual Fall Summit is slated for Sept. 25 – 27 in Colorado Springs. For more information, head to AFT’s site.